Yuko Systems – Hair Straightening


“Not all Japanese hair straighteners are created equal” this is our belief at JOHN CHARLES SALON. Four or five years ago when this class of straighteners came to market we had a class at our salon, given by (the bio company ) and was not impressed so we kept searching, our search lead us to YUKO SYSTEMS and then we knew we had to look no further. YUKO SYSTEMS when used by a properly trained technician has given us beautiful results that meet our expectations.


Many people wonder what kind of results they will get with their straightening process, a proper consultation must be done to let the customer know what to expect for their type of hair ie. amount of curl, thickness, type of color, tint or bleach, all these play a factor and should be discussed with client to insure a happy customer that will return for this service again, after all we certainly want you business for years to come.